Kowa Skymech solutions


SkyWeld is a welding solution with easy teach software that uses Universal Robot (UR) integrating with Lorch welding system.

Skyweld provide solution for High Mix of product that you require to weld.

Skyweld have a efficient hardware configuration for TIG & MIG/MAG welding process, offering mobility and small footprint. 

Skyweld is designed for welding, with straight weld, circular weld, weaving and other functions catering for majority of the welding job requirements.

The operation and programming is easy to learn as it has a user friendly graphic user interface and operates like a tablet.

Even for complex parts, it’s fast to program because of the UR’s freedrive and orientation lock feature.


 MiR + UR Solution

MiR + UR Solutions from Kowa Skymech

•For easy maintenance and access to UR control box

•Your one-stop suppliers on MiR, UR and end-effectors from our partners

•Fast implementation with URCap for MiR + UR


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