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New release: SmoothTool 1.9

Key highlights include:

SmoothTool v1.9 also brings precise angle adjustments, improved airspeed options, smoother corner weaving, accurate circular path segments, updated pipe welding illustrations, and enhanced power source integrations. These refinements elevate welding precision and productivity, making it a valuable tool for welders.

The RetroFit Kit

Easily integrate your existing power source to SmoothTool with the RetroFit Kit by Smooth Robotics

If you have a welding power source that uses the EURO CONNECTOR you can turn it into a powerful robotic welding unit by adding a cobot, SmoothTool, and the Retrofit Kit. 

The RetroFit Kit consists of:

1. The connector plate – A plate that fits the UR control box with connections and sockets for digital inputs & outputs. The plate comes with two sockets – one for the adaptor, and one for the feedback shunt.

Additionally, the plate has two capped-off holes that can be used for connections to externals like fume extraction, weld indicator light, or others. Two cable glands are included for this purpose.

2. Adaptor – Fits in the euro connector between the hose and the power sources and provides the input signal from the robot.

3. Feedback Shunt – Clamp that goes on the ground cable and provides the feedback signal to the robot.