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Plug & Weld with Smooth Robotics affordable RetroFit Kit

The SmoothRobotics RetroFit Kit is now available!

The RetroFit Kit is a new off-the-shelf product offered by Smooth Robotics. It makes integrating to power sources extremely simple. 

The Kit works for every kind of power source that uses the Euro Connector. Just mount the RetroFit connector plate and then it’s plug & weld.

Smooth Robotics new release 

SmoothTool 1.8

 The latest version SmoothTool 1.8 contains a set of new features that highlight the ease of user experience and bring even more value and efficiency to the welder 

SmoothTool is a robotic welding solution that helps you deliver your best work by putting you in charge of the automated welding process

Multipass welding

Easily create a weld consisting of multiple passes

Offset welding

Copy and offset welds in X, Y, and Z direction and any rotation

Stitch welding

Control your stitch weld with parameters


Add weaving patterns to both linear and circular paths

Angle system

Simply type in the desired work- and travel angles

3D universe

Visualize and touch up your welding program in 3D

Power source agnostic

Use your preferred power source

Programming flange

Use the programming flange to show your robot how you want the job done