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BIG news here at ROEQ!

Transport up to 1500kg when you pair our new TMS-C1500 top module with your large MiR robots!

The new ROEQ TMS-C1500 is a top module designed to transport heavy loads with the largest MiR robots.

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Introducing the TML200, a new addition to the ROEQ family of lifter modules. It allows you to complete multiple tasks with your MiR250 AMR. This flexible top module can be used to lift, transport and deliver goods on pallets, crates and racks, as well as picking up and dropping off shelf carts in free space. To go with it, we’ve developed the ROEQ S-Cart300L, TML200 forks, the PR250 pallet rack, and an IO Kit for a complete solution.

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Unboxing and Step up of ROEQ TMS-C3oo Cart with MiR 250


Get the most out of your AMRs

Our plug and play software and variety of useful top modules, carts, top rollers, lifters and racks let you flex the power of your MiR robots, enabling them to perform multiple tasks and workflows in your warehouse or production line easily, efficiently and safely. Safety is engineered right in, so your ROEQ solution takes care of your workers and your products and helps humans and robots work safely and efficiently together.

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Flexible module solutions developed and designed for MiR™ robots.

The aim with ROEQ solution is to utilize the full potential of the MiR™ robots by making the "distance"​ from buying a MiR™ robot to actually integrate it in the production, very short.

To ensure that ROEQ logistics solutions are easily deployed​ and serviced all ROEQ operations are managed through the MiR™ robots interface.

The cart, lifter and rack solutions are built on the same platform, making the operation and service easier and standardized.