Transport up to 1500kg when you pair the new TMS-C1500 top module with your large MiR robots!

The new ROEQ TMS-C1500 is a top module designed to transport heavy loads with the largest MiR robots. To go with it, ROEQ has created the ROEQ S-Cart1500W. This pair lets you transport up to 800kg using the MiR500 and the MiR600 – giving you a significantly increased payload! For the MiR1000 and MiR1350, this top module and cart enables transport of up to 1500kg. With widespread labor shortages and phenomenal growth in many sectors, these new products help you get the most out of your investment in autonomous mobile robots.

Using this top module, the robots can pick up and drop off in free space, as well as handle different sizes of goods on multiple missions within the same setup. This top module and cart solution is suited for use in any manufacturing setting where you need to transport heavy loads – for example in the automotive or furniture industries.


When combined with the ROEQ S-Cart1500W, this top module can transport up to 800kg with the MiR500 and MiR600 and up to 1500kg with the MiR1000 and MiR1350.

Robot compatibility:

MiR500, MiR600, MiR1000, MiR1350

Payload of TMS-C1500 with S-Cart1500W:

MiR500/600: up to 800kg

MiR1000/MiR1350: up to 1500kg

Weight :

TMS-C1500 (MiR500/600) 111kg

TMS-C1500 (MiR1000/1350)

Size (l x w x h): 1304 x 864 x 91mm

  • Substantially increases the payload potential of your MiR robot

  • Large cargo area for large loads – e.g. stringer-type US pallets

  • Traction kit included for reliable performance

  • Pick up and drop off in free space

  • Multiple carts can be used in the same setup

  • I/O Kit for connecting 3rd party equipment like light towers, etc.

  • Comes with ROEQ Assist software tool that’s fully compatible with MiR software

Download the product sheet here and get all the details of the TMS-C1500